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Cinkarna Celje

Established in 1873, Cinkarna Celje is one of the largest chemical-processing companies in Slovenia. It is a joint stock enterprise employing over 1,000 people and generating more than 150 million euros in sales revenues per annum, with exports into demanding global markets accounting for more than 80 percent of this total.

Company Link : :www.cinkarna.si


EMS-Griltech manufactures and sells Grilon, Nexylon and Nexylene fibers, Griltex hotmelt adhesives, Grilbond adhesion promoters, Primid crosslinkers for powder-coatings and Grilonit reactive diluentsEMS-GRILTECH's corporate offices with research laboratory, technical service centre and production facility are located at Domat/Ems, Switzerland.

Company Link :www.emsgriltech.com


Company Link ::www.helios.si

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